Main conclusions EC project "UltraBAK" Technology for Bakeries

The new Ultrasonic Humidification Technology (UltraBAK) allows you to improve the fermentation process drastically and reduces baking and/or cooling time and energy consumption. Main conclusions:

Better bread, Better process

Thicker crust, thinner dry out zone, stronger windowing, better pore structure and equal browning. Higher volume and better appearance (not as flat as products out of conventional humidification, stronger blooming, no clotty bloom, evenly spread browning).

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Proofing: Product quality impact:

UltraBAK proofing advantages

Proofing: Product quality impact

UltraBAK product quality impact

UltraBAK ttz workshop

ttz Workshop

Qualitative aspects:

The usage of the ultrasonic humidification technology leads in the cooling stage to more softness and longer freshness of the products.

In the proofing stage, the ultrasonic humidification technology makes it easier to handle the dough pieces because of more dough stability - improving dough processing. Depending on the products and the country specific quality criteria, an improved product quality could be seen (better windowing, browning, browning, crumb structure as well as volume).

Country independent is the fact that the products offer better taste and flavor as well as a longer freshness and shelf life.

Summarized it could be seen that a general evaluation of the technology is not so easy, but under consideration of standard processes, products and equipment the potential of a well working and easy to handle technology could be seen clearly.

UltraBAK technology


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