Bäckerei und Konditorei Gerhard Sikken OHG

The SME participant Bäckerei Sikken is a long-lived family business in Emden (Ostfriesland-Lower Saxony, Germany), founded in 1733. Today is it lead in the 12th generation. In 1998 Dipl.-Ing. of food technology and confectioner Bart Sikken and his brother Gerhard Sikken, master baker and confectioner, had taken the family business from their parents. Today Bäckerei Sikken employs approx. 120 staff people, of which 11 are apprentice. By using approximately 350 tons of flour and cereals yearly, baking goods and dough pieces are produced seven days a week (daily) in one single production place. The products goods are sold and the dough pieces are baked locally (production decoupled) in 15 selling points (selling radius of approximately 13 km). Furthermore one café with 120 seats is part of the selling structure.

The concepts of production and logistic are amplified and optimized permanently. The product range is consequently amplified too by creating new or market and seasonal specific products. At the moment this product range includes approximately 70 different types of bread, rolls as well as biscuits. Shortness to the costumer, knowledge about his needs and requirements, long-lived experience in the market of baked goods as well as the family philosophy of the Bäckerei Sikken are the fundamental aspects for the comprehensive range of products. Bäckerei Sikken offers high quality products with which next to the strategy of product development leads to be a constant player in the regional market for baked goods. Furthermore Bäckerei Sikken is a very innovative family business which participates in different national and European RD projects. Primarily the running BMWI-ZIM-Network EnEff. Bakery “Network for increase energy efficiency in bakeries” and the European project „Novel climatic chamber with an innovative, energy saving nano-aerosol humidification system for the manufacture of high quality bakery products, TREN/FP7EN/218993)“ could be named.


Dirk Sikken
Bäckerei und Konditorei Gerhard Sikken OHG
Grosse Strasse 35
26721 Emden
Phone: +49(0) 170 52 50 364+49(0) 170 52 50 364
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