Contronics Engineering BV

Contronics Engineering BV (CEN) was founded in 1981 and they developed the first ultrasonic humidifier in 1984. This humidifier was successfully integrated in refrigeration cabinets. The system prevents drying out and decay of fresh produce in a natural way. With support of the EUREKA organisation in Brussels CEN developed in 1999 the Sanifogger, a tremendous step forward in hygiene and durability. The company was awarded with the EUREKA Lynx Trophy in 2002 because of this innovation and commercial success. In the same year the fogging system for non-refrigerated fruit and vegetable displays was invented and introduced.

Cooling was realised without energy eating compressors saving 90% on power consumption. In 2005 they developed the first ultrasonic chemical nebuliser, called the Aircomatic, by order of the company Wynn’s. In 2007 they developed a new series of highly economic (frequency) controllers by order of the company Vostermans Ventilation. This was followed in 2012 by CoMoCo, the smartest motorcontroller ever.

In  2013 CEN was awarded with  “Busininess of the Year Award with turnover of € 0-25m”. This award is given to the European company that excels in growth, innovation and market leadership. Also the long term vision, ethics and sustainability in the assessment.

CEN is in Europe market leader in the field of humidifying fresh produce and has 25 reliable distribution partners in the world. CEN has a production of 2,500 systems and 5,000 smaller humidifiers per year. In 2012 a total of 12,500 humidifying systems are operational around the world. The total number of Aircomatic units that have been sold is > 50,000 and 4,000 fan controllers leave our factory annually.


Frank Bakker
Contronics Engineering b.v.
Ambachtsweg 8
5492 NJ Sint-Oedenrode
The Netherlands
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